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BioTurf BioS+ Value PackBioTurf BioS+ Value Pack w/ sprayerPrice: $69.99
BioTurf, Indoor PortaPotty SprayIndoor Turf Pet CleanerPrice: $14.99

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Organic  | Eco-Friendly  | Hypo-Allergenic  | Biodegradable  | Kid & Pet Safe

Created and manufactured by the founder of the company specifically for artificial grass.  TurFresh™ BioTurf with BioS+ digestive Bio-Enzymatic Systems technology is a completely new approach to specialized Bio-Bacteria artificial grass pet odor removal and cleaning products.  Not only do our pet parents want to naturally and safely eliminate artificial turf pet urine odors, but also want to eliminate and breakdown other bacterial contaminants such as feces, saliva and vomit.  Artificial grass bacteria, if not treated will continue to be pushed into the artificial grass, stick to the blades and infiltrate the infill, backing and even the base layer.  For over 10 years TurFresh has taken artificial turf cleaning seriously. We took the time, listened to clients, researched, tested and perfected our custom formulated TurFresh and continued to advance the product and services with our very own BioS+ formula.

TurFresh is custom formulated by us using the latest naturally occurring organic digestive bio-enzymes specifically engineered to handle the bacteria we smell everyday. In the right environment, BioS+ enzymes break down and neutralize an endless amount of artificial turf bacteria and will continue working until its all gone.  Upon environmental activation, TurFresh BioS+ Enzymes begin replicating themselves in the Billions; even contaminants you do not smell are eliminated.  Other turf cleaning products only mask odors and can make the problem worse without even addressing other bio-hazard contaminants that linger on your turfs surface and sub-surface.   Our TurFresh BioS+ formula is designed specifically for artificial grass even though it works great in many other applications.

At TurFresh we care about the environment and keeping our kids and dogs safe from harsh chemicals often used to clean artificial turf.  We made it our priority to addresses the immediate need of our artificial grass pet parents, while being ecologically friendly.  Our TurFresh product line also reduces environmental impact and keeps our artificial turf families safe from adverse, allergic reactions caused by other dangerous cleaning products. Turfresh, absolutely, the best pet turf urine odor removal product on the market.