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TurFresh!! Thank you for offering a product that actually works.

Max and Twix really thank you as well. We tried your product right before we had a big party and our friends asked us what smelled so good. My wife thought it was her cooking, it wasn’t. Great smell, very effective and we look forward to being a long time customer with you guys. I will be referring all my friends with turf to you guys.

Les Johnson | Woodlands, Texas

Dog run smells great! No more odors.

We have a large Female Golden Doodle and an artificial grass dog run on the side of our house. The artificial grass always had a bad odor that would not go away, even after cleaning and hosing down the area. After a single application of your TurFresh product the dog run smells great! No more odors. Thanks for making our yard more pleasant.

Marc | Laguna Niguel, California

My apartment no longer smells.

Your product really worked for my little Yorkie's potty area. My apartment no longer smells odd, and Bentley also smells nice and fresh. This is really great. Many ladies and men around the city have small dogs that go potty inside. This seems to be an awesome product for anyone who uses the turf system.

Michelle Perepiczka | New York City

Such a fresh clean, fresh linen smell!!!

For years we contemplated getting artificial turf because I always feared the dog urine creating a smell. Sure enough, not long after getting the turf, I started smelling the urine odor. I went on line and found this product (turfresh),read some reviews and purchased it. I used it 5 evenings ago, and it smells lovely. Such a fresh clean, fresh linen smell!!! So far so good!!!!!

Cathy Wanberg | San Clemente, California

It simply “works”

Using bleach, powders, simple green, vinegar, on and on, we finally talked to John and he gave us the confidence to try TurFresh and in John’s words, it simply “works”. The company backed up the product without any hesitation. I don’t know what more to say about a company that backs up the claims the way they do. John even helped us out with some shipping challenges due to our location. If you are hesitant about this product working, just call and you will experience what I mean.

Cliff Ward | Corpus Christi, Texas

We love our artificial grass

We love our artificial grass, but with our two dogs, we had to constantly use bleach and other detergents and our dog got sick. We were scared for a moment but the problem persisted. We were searching online and gave TurFresh a try. FINALLY!! A product that not only did what it said, but the company backed up all of its claims.

Nguyen Family | Las Vegas, Nevada

Watering the turf every day

Watering the turf every day was just not enough until we found TurFresh. Now we can have friends over without feeling embarrassed about our artificial grass.

Craig Family | San Francisco, California

Watering the turf every day

I called our local turf company to see if they can help me solve the nasty smell that came from my turf. They turned me on to I could not be happier with the results. Now, I am comfortable with my kids playing on the grass.

Olsen Family | Dallas, Texas

Our turf was so full of dog hair

Our turf was so full of dog hair that we needed a service to come in and restore our turf to its original condition. TurFresh turned us on to their local dealer and the amount of hair that came out of the turf was mind blowing. Our two German Shepards shed like crazy and the cleaning process was not only impressive but effective.

Pashatiki Family | San Clemente, California

We have both natural and artificial grass

We have both natural and artificial grass and when it heated up the odor was really bad. We take in adopted dogs so the volume of urine is tremendous. On any given day, we have three to five dogs running around urinating and pooping on both lawns. We found this product and sprayed our turf areas and immediately the smell was gone. We could not believe how well this product worked. We highly recommend this product to all of my adoption partners in our community. Thanks to TurFresh!!!

Henny Dog Adoptions | Irvine, California

TurFresh and SynPro are the experts

TurFresh and SynPro are the experts. I had a situation in my backyard artificial grass that nobody could resolve. The turf company that installed my grass went out of business. Thankfully I found TurFresh and called.

Falia Family | Phoenix, Arizona

We have a little Lab with Mega-esophagus

We have a little Lab with Mega-esophagus and worries about him and the wife walking the dog in not the best neighborhood I decided to build him a little yard 3×10 with drainage running to the dirt yard on the other side of our privacy fence. We were getting smells and worried about using bleach and some of the other carpet / urine cleaners “Natures Miracle “and “Simple Solution” on the market and found that they would be all foamed up on the yard / Dirt. TurFresh works great it’s a quick spray and the smell doesn’t build up. Yet safe for the plants and everyone.

Schmidt Family | Chatsworth, California